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What Is Academic Writing – a Complete Guide for Beginners

academic writing
Academic writing is a formal writing style used in learning institutions such as high schools, colleges, and universities. It is a clear and structured form of writing that focuses on research to express theoretical concepts logically. While different subjects might have various writing rules, universal characteristics in the academic field apply to all disciplines.

As a student, you must communicate effectively through writing to demonstrate your understanding of a particular subject.  Some standard scholarly papers include essays, proposals, term papers, proposals, thesis, and dissertations.

Below are characteristics of academic writing:

  • Clear and concise
  • Structured
  • Shows evidence
  • Objective
  • Formal style and tone

This article provides an in-depth guide on how to write academic papers and insightful tips to help you compose exceptional papers.

Writing Academic Papers Can Be Fun – Here’s How

What is academic writing? As mentioned above, it forms part of scholarly publications mandatory in schools as part of the learning unit. Though most students think that such a form of writing is boring, it can be fun to perfect their planning and examining skills.

If you want to craft a clear and concise paper, understand the research purpose and the target audience. Most university professors and college tutors often have a clear academic writing standard that students must follow. Achieving the proper standards is essential because they determine the final grading system.  Therefore, you must read your question carefully before you start tackling the essay.

Once you know the paper’s expectations, you can proceed to the pre-writing phase. Here, you need to conduct comprehensive research to gather relevant data for your assignment. Writing academic papers needs adequate time and effort to achieve exceptional work. Therefore, you must sacrifice your busy schedule to plan your writing, or else you will end up with incomplete research and errors.

Therefore, break your home assignment into workable sections and plan your work appropriately.  It is imperative to tackle academic writing from paragraph to essay, and before you know it, you will complete an entire research paper within the shortest time possible.

TOP-10 Academic Phrases for Essay Writing

Academic writing follows a specific formality that students must adhere to, or else they will not attain the required standards. Thus, it would be best to learn more about the academic phrases for essay writing to advance your vocabulary. Since scholarly writing needs skill, you can polish your phrases and become an exceptional author over time.

Below are top phrases to incorporate in your scholarly papers:

  1. In view of

You can use this phrase to start the essay or when posing your arguments.

  1. Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly

Though it may seem understandable, these phrases allow you to emphasize clarity and express your ideas chronologically.

  1. According to

This phrase introduces the perspective of other authors or scholars into your paper.

  1. Conversely/on the contrary

It expresses an alternative opinion or when you are introducing another argument about the particular subject matter.

  1. Nonetheless

It displays positive factors of your study even without any evidence. This phrase makes your paper clear and professional.

  1. Similarly

You can use this phrase when showing agreement between two perspectives.

  1. For instance

You can use it when you want to give examples to support your points.

  1. Therefore

It is used when expanding on your presented arguments.

  1. Most significantly

It emphasizes the importance of a certain point.

  1. In conclusion

Use this phrase when concluding to prepare the readers for the ending of your paper.

There are many other useful phrases you can use in your research papers. Hence, ensure you study them to understand how to use them appropriately.

Follow This Guide & Relax

If you want to know how to write academic papers, follow the guide below:

Understand the Academic Paper

Read the essay question carefully and understand the paper’s expectations. For instance, deadline, word limit, formatting style, etc.

Pick a Topic

Brainstorm and come up with a relevant topic for your paper.

Extensive Research

Carry out comprehensive research on various primary and secondary sources to develop significant arguments while formulating research questions for guidance.

Thesis Statement

Compose a thesis statement that determines the primary research purpose.

Develop an Outline

It acts as a guide to make the writing process easier to execute since you will know where to place your points.

Complete the First Draft

Compose your paper without perfecting it while expressing your points clearly.

The Second Draft

Come back and rewrite a second draft that includes the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Revision Stage

Make sure you conduct a thorough editing and proofreading session to perfect your paper.


Use the tutor’s checklist to ensure you have followed all the required standards.

How Academic Essay Writing Service Can Benefit You

Since college life is quite hectic, most students grapple with completing academic assignments on time. Even the bright students might encounter complex topics at some point and get stuck in the introduction section. That is why most students opt to seek professional help from an academic essay writing service with competent authors.

Hiring pro experts is advantageous because you will get extra time to relax or concentrate on pending commitments. The writer tackles all your assignments and delivers on time. Thus, you don’t have to worry about tight deadlines and harsh penalties. Since the experts are highly qualified in diverse disciplines, you will get a top-notch, original paper that will earn you excellent grades and improve your GPAs immensely.

Most people think that hiring writing experts is quite costly. But such services are quite pocket-friendly because a majority of customers are students operating on tight budgets. Therefore, the services are quite affordable to anyone requiring academic assistance.

If you are looking for high-quality content, ensure you hire a pro writer from a legit and reputable writing service, and you will never regret your decision.

FAQ: Academic Writing Explained Simply

Below are frequently asked questions about academic writing and detailed answers.

What is meant by academic writing?

It is a form of specialized writing that supports research and evidence to explain theoretical concepts in a structured and logical manner.

How do you transition between paragraphs in an essay?

Make sure the ideas between paragraphs flow logically to show continuity of thoughts. You can add transitional phrases to the paragraphs to help the readers’ understand your standpoint. Also, ensure you include the main topic sentence while starting each supporting paragraph.

Can you start an academic essay with a quote?

Although starting an essay with a quote is not entirely wrong, it is not advisable to start or end an academic paper with a quote. Hence, ensure you start with a captivating introduction that portrays your thoughts about the essay.

Do essay writing services really work?

Essay composition services operate under strict policies that ensure authors deliver all orders as per the client’s instructions. These services often hire serious professionals online and offer a platform where clients can hire them to write various types of academic papers.

Are there any legit essay writing services?

Yes, the digital space has many legitimate essay creation services with real professionals. However, you must be vigilant by researching the best services before you make any payment. Not all companies are genuine; that is why you need to be extra careful before hiring a pro writer online.

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